Where do I begin?! From the beginning, my whole experience with Jordan has been nothing shy of AMAZING! Jordan is so incredibly knowledgable of this breed and truly passionate! Her love and dedication to French Bulldogs is evident! Upon reaching out to Jordan with a request for information, she was helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic! From that first conversation I knew......I knew I would end up getting my newest family member from Jordan! 

Fast forward 8 months, and I now have Conan, my handsome French bulldog! From the day we brought him home, and every day since, Conan has brought us such joy! His temperament is ideal: calm, cuddly, yet playful and social. Conan is a healthy, happy 10 month old piggy! :-) He is a favorite in the neighborhood for sure!

Over the course of these last 8 months, Jordan has been there every step of the way! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that when I have a question or concern regarding Conan, that she is only a text away. She prides herself so much on her breeding and her frenchies and ensures that the adoption process continues even after the puppies go home. 

I could go on for days about all of the wonderful things she has done for Conan even after he came home! Her generosity extends far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Jordan is a one-of-a-kind breeder who loves her frenchies and the families who are lucky enough to adopt her pups! Thank you Jordan for a perfect adopting experience! I can't wait to get Conan a brother in the near future! 

- Kayla P


We 'adopted' our Frenchie, Fiona, from Cape Cod Frenchies in the Fall of 2009 and she's an important part of our family. Everything they say about French Bulldogs is true and more and our young daughters are totally in love with her. As a family of 5 who had never owned a dog, we put a great deal of thought and time into deciding upon which dog would be best for us. We ultimately decided that a French Bulldog was the perfect breed for us and then came the hard part - choosing a breeder. We spoke to at least 5 breeders from Vermont to Pennsylvania and none of them was more warm, caring, helpful, and honest than Jordan at Cape Cod Frenchies. From the day we showed our interest in her newest litter Jordan regularly emailed (and even texted) pictures of the puppies so that we could choose the right one for us. While other breeders tried to scare us or tried to put down other breeders, Jordan only treated us as though we were a long lost friend. We were given the chance to met the puppies and also able to stay in constant contact with both Jordan and her partner. When it came time to pick up Fiona from them, Jordan had put together a wonderful puppy care package which included a handmade sweater, treats, and toys. We have nothing but good things to say about Cape Cod Frenchies and we'd recommend them to ANYONE looking to 'adopt' the perfect member of their family.”-Ian & Jen

Working with Jordan was a complete pleasure. I couldn’t have been happier.  She was responsive, answered all my questions even months after getting my amazing frenchie pup!  Jordan was there to walk me through the whole process step by step.  I would highly recommend that you get your   Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with Jordan on the purchase of our little man Gino. This is was our first time purchasing a puppy so we were a little nervous. Dealing with Jordan calmed those nerves with her knowledge of her pups and ability to answer any question we threw at her. Once we saw Gino we were instantly in love with him. He was everything that we were expecting and then some. He is the best pup, everywhere we go with him, people just have to stop us to pet him and say that he's the cutest thing ever. One of the most important things was that he got a clean bill of health from the vet. This was our major concern and Jordan guaranteed us that all the pups were healthy, she was right. Long story short, Jordan was an absolute pleasure to work with and would recommend her to anyone that's ready  to make a French Bulldog a part of their family. We are so happy that we made that decision and so is Gino. Thanks again Jordan :)- Andy, Diana & Gino

Hey Jordan!! Feel free to post any of Rylin's pictures on your page. You have no idea how great this little boy is. HE is AMAZING..we love him so much. He is fully potty trained, listens so well, is great on his leash. He is the best, and Jason loves having a friend home with him all day. Thank you for giving us the best dog ever :)- Kim, Jason & Rylin

Roxie is awesome. She has such a great temperament and she is doing great on her training. She goes right to the door so we know she needs to go out. She is the hit of the neighborhood. Everyone loves her. We were at the beach on the 4th and she was digging away, she loves the beach.  Needless to say she had sand everywhere so we gave her a bath and she was great. We love her so much. She is the best puppy. Thanks Jordan

-Lauren, Mike & Roxie

Working with Jordan was a complete pleasure. I couldn’t have been happier.  She was responsive, answered all my questions even months after getting my amazing frenchie pup!  Jordan was there to walk me through the whole process step by step.  I would highly recommend that you get your frenchie from Cape Cod French Bulldogs and Jordan you will NOT be disappointed!- Amir & Amore

I wanted to give you guys a little update on Puck.  He is doing great!  He just got the last of his puppy shots and is growing like crazy!  I had to go away on business for a week so he stayed with my mother.  I swear he doubled his size in a week!! (not really though)  He is 13 pounds right now and everyone at the vet loves him and tells me he is the best looking pup they’ve seen.  We have to stop for people to pet him on almost every walk!  I think he is starting to realize how good looking he is haha!  Also, he is a very smart boy (when he wants to be…haha).  He will sit, stay, lay down for us on command.  But he is also a little devil at times, getting into areas he knows he is not allowed.  He has such a great personality!   Anyway, here are a few pics from around Christmas.  He is still on the smaller side here and has grown since, but I don’t have many pics recently.  Thanks again for all your help with my first Frenchie! - Kevin